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Our team at Upper Cervical Health Centers is committed to providing the most effective health care solutions.

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Welcome to The Upper Cervical Spine Center

Not Your Typical Chiropractors

Our doctors are all Upper Cervical Chiropractors.  This means they have gone beyond their doctorate degree in chiropractic and taken hundreds of hours of post-graduate training studying the top two bones of the neck. This procedure has given us the opportunity to help patients from all over the world with a wide range of conditions.


We Care

Our team is dedicated to helping people.  We gather each morning before our first appointment and go through the schedule of patients for the day.  We talk about who’s coming in, how he or she is progressing, and how we can better serve each patient.  We have one goal for each person that walks into our office and that is to make his or her life better.


For Us, It’s a Lifestyle

Everyone in our office has had his or her life dramatically improved by upper cervical care.  We not only teach what we practice, we live it.  We all get checked and adjusted on a regular basis so we can be at our best when providing upper cervical care to our patients in the different Areas We Serve.


Our Purpose

Each of our doctors has his own story about what led him to specialize in upper cervical care, but the one thing we all share is the belief that we were called to do this work.  Our purpose for being on this planet is to use our knowledge and skills in upper cervical care to help those who need and seek our help.


Here at The Upper Cervical Spine Center, we can help you with health issues such as headaches, neck pain, back painfibromyalgia problems and much more. 


Chiropractic care has been known to offer many health benefits that can help individuals with different health problems. If you would like to learn more about how Chiropractic Care can help you, please visit our Patient Education Videos



To learn more about health alternatives, visit Choose Natural.

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