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Your First Visit

Going to a chiropractor may be a new experience for you. Whether you were referred by a friend or did your own research online, you probably made this appointment because you’re tired of living in pain and you are ready to do something about it.


When you schedule your first appointment, our office staff will send you new patient paperwork to fill out. We can send it by email, snail mail or you can download it here.  We prefer that you have it filled out when you come for your first visit.


You will be greeted by one of our staff and given a tour of the office so you’ll know where everything is located.  Before meeting with the doctor, you’ll watch a short video explaining the principles of upper cervical care and how it helps the body heal.


The initial part of your first visit to The Upper Cervical Spine Center, the consultation, will focus on you getting to know the doctor and the doctor getting to know you.  Our doctors are here for you, and their first concern is finding out if they think they can help you. They will be asking you about your health history, current condition, and wellness goals. When you meet with the doctor, you should ask questions and discuss any concerns you might have.


After the consultation, if the doctor believes upper cervical can help you, a physical examination, which usually includes x-rays, is the next step. After the exam, your doctor will have you schedule your next visit at the earliest possible date.


That evening, while your case is still fresh in his mind, your doctor will read your x-rays, review his notes and physical exam findings and put together a report to discuss with you on your return visit.


Report of Findings

On your second visit, the doctor will discuss your exam and x-ray findings and show you what he believes to be the cause of your health concerns.  He will explain the severity of your problem, how long it has been there, and give you his recommendations for care.  Once you are ready to proceed, you will receive your first upper cervical correction (adjustment).  Welcome to the wonderful world of upper cervical care!  Your body will thank you.


Subsequent Visits

The doctor will first check you to see if you need an upper cervical correction. Our goal is to adjust you as little as possible.  Over time, you will hold the adjustment longer and longer.  This means your body is responding and healing. The doctor will give you an adjustment if needed after which you will go to our rest area and lie on your back with a cervical pillow for 15-20 minutes while listening to relaxing music. (Patients love that part.) Then the doctor will check you again to make sure the correction worked.