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Neck Pain

How Chiropractors Treat People With Neck Pain 

Neck pain can be a debilitating problem – not only does it cause site-specific pain that can impair your mobility and be rather irritating, but it also interferes with your quality of life in other ways. Neck pain can cause you to tense up, creating referred pain in the shoulder and increasing your risk of tension headaches. It can also cause problems with your posture and mobility, and make it hard for you to drive safely because it stops you from being able to look in the mirror properly.

Chiropractors help people to treat neck pain by doing something called manipulations or ‘adjustments.’ They believe that pain is caused by subluxations in the spine and that if they adjust the spinal cord back to proper alignment, then this will stop the pain. There is a lot of wisdom to this idea. Chiropractors know that if a disc is pushing on a nerve, it could cause pain. They are trained in how to perform adjustments that will relieve the pressure and pain giving you back the freedom of movement that you are used to.

A good chiropractor in Charlotte, NC could eliminate neck pain with a single appointment. If you work in an environment where your posture is chronically poor, however, then you will find that you need to go back to the chiropractor from time to time because poor posture can cause a lot of problems.

A chiropractor can help you with back pain and neck pain. They offer a drug-free solution to this kind of pain, and if you get treatment from a qualified chiropractor, then there should be no issue with side effects. It is important that you get treatment from a qualified chiropractor – one that has completed the full training and can call themselves a Doctor of Chiropractic – because they are the only people who can perform adjustments safely.

There are many different reasons that someone would want to see a chiropractor depending on whatever issues they are having when it comes to staying healthy or their overall well- being. Some people may have more issues than others and may need to see a specialist. People who have other contraindications – such as recent fractures, or conditions such as hemophilia, should advise the chiropractor of this before they get treatment – the chiropractor may refuse to treat them for safety reasons.

Chiropractors can refer people to other kinds of the doctor, and they may do this if they have reason to believe that the issues are not spine related. There are some chiropractors who subscribe to the school of thought that a lot of medical conditions can be treated through adjustments, but this is controversial, and there are many others that acknowledge that the practice is best used as a complement to traditional medicine rather than a replacement for it. It is a good idea to talk to a doctor and get a diagnosis for your pain, then see a chiropractor manage the pain itself once you have ruled out any serious underlying conditions.

“So glad I found this clinic and Dr. Ray Drury. I was ready to opt for surgery on my neck. But also have low-back pain. I found Upper Cervical care in the 11th hour, and it has gotten at the root cause of all of my neck and back pain. (After years of traditional chiropractic care) I highly recommend Upper Cervical care and Dr. Drury is the best of the best!!”

Kim E.

“After weeks of physical therapy, trigger point shots, and a cortisone shot, I still had much pain in my neck down to the fingers on my left hand. Read the article in the paper about Dr. Drury, prayed about it and made the appointment I started treatment in May and for the last two months have been pain free. My energy is returning and I am able to a lot more. Dr. Drury and his staff have been a blessing to me. I wish I had known about Upper Cervical before. “

Peggy G.

“Twenty years ago I was involved in a head-on collision that put me out of work for one year and five months. Even after getting out of the hospital and going back to work I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia that consisted of constant pain all over my body, severe fatigue, headaches, neck pain and sleeplessness. After going to several doctors and trying several medications that gave me NO relief I was referred to Dr. Drury. That afternoon was the turning point of my life. I felt immediate relief. Now, for the first time since November of 1993, I am totally pain free! I can’t think Dr. Drury enough for putting my life back together! I strongly urge anyone with similar problems to go see Dr. Drury.”

Virginia C.

“I’m 70 years old. I woke up one morning and thought I had a crick in my neck, but it didn’t go away. For two, three months, I couldn’t turn my neck. My medical doctor X-rayed it and told me I had a pinched nerve. He sent me home with a bunch of drugs, but I still couldn’t turn my neck. Then I went to Upper Cervical Health Centers, and after six Upper Cervical visits, I could turn my neck, which means I can drive again, because I can turn my neck to look over my shoulder.”


“I’ve suffered from pain for over 20 years. I spent most of my life in the military and was an ejection seat trainer in the Navy. I’ve been in a lot of search-and-rescue missions and suffered from all kinds of fractures. My body has been injured a lot over time. I was relying on heavy-duty narcotics like Oxycontin to deal with the pain, which was 24/7. I had taken so many over-the-counter painkillers that I developed an ulcer. When I saw Upper Cervical on the Internet, I thought it sounded different. It made sense to me, so I decided to try it. Since I’ve been com- ing to Dr. Drury for Upper Cervical Care, I’ve had more days without pain than with pain, and that’s amazing for me. My insomnia is getting better; my gastro-intestinal problems are getting better. I’m very pleased and looking forward to continuing Upper Cervical Care.”

Sean D.