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Head Pain

“My wife Christy Edenburn was suffering from migraine headaches really bad when we first met and got married about 7 yrs, she got in the morning and would be in so much pain to the point of crying, couldn’t do house work which she loved to do, couldn’t cook dinner or any kind of food without hurting, the only time she wouldn’t hurt is when she was sleeping, but all day that’s not good. Then one Sunday morning she went to go and pray to GOD to take away the pain, and this woman friend came up to her said, what’s the matter miss, she told her and she told my wife about an awesome Dr. that GOD had showed her, so we called and made an appt. Well Christy went to her appt. Dr. Ray Drury did x-rays and other checks, and her neck was out of Alignment, so he gave her, her very first adjustment and 2 days after that, I asked her how she felt no more migraines, but light headaches, and a week afterwards she was cleaning the house with no problems. A to this day she’s been doing wonderful, now she just goes for maintenance check-ups to make sure the bone stays aligned.”

Joseph E.

“I have been getting adjustments from Dr. Drury for over 15 years and the results are incredible. His chiropractic services have reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines. 
I’m also very active and put a lot of stress on my body. Upper cervical adjustments alleviate my back pain, speed up my recovery and helps relieve muscle tension.
I highly recommend giving Upper Cervical a try as a natural option to improve and maintain your health.”

Kevin R.

“After surgery, I was having arm numbness, facial tingling, headache and dizziness. I thought I was having a stroke. They admitted me to the hospital and did every expensive test and could not find anything even though there were still symptoms—-I knew there was something wrong and every specialist on my case could not figure it out. Dr. Drury figured it out immediately and got me on the right road and no more symptoms. I still go to Dr. Drury on a regular basis and I feel amazing. I am NO LONGER on any medication because I do not need it. Dr. Drury fixed all the symptoms that I described above as well as chronic back pain. I sleep better and feel like a new person with so much energy. His office staff is amazing the atmosphere in the office is very relaxing. I would like to add that I am a nurse and practiced modern medicine my whole 20 year career…. but now I am a firm believer to heal within and don’t take any medications to put a band aid over the problem.”

Lisa H.

“After seeing countless Doctors and specialists the past 3 yrs for a seizure and migraine disorder my sister told me I needed to try one last thing before having a surgery on my brain. Feeling frustrated and not wanting to travel hundreds of miles to go to a ‘chiropractor’, I gave in to appease my family. Upon arrival I saw a sign that says Expect Miracles, and giggled to myself thinking ‘I have been waiting on one for years, how will this be different’? 
First off, I have to say his staff is not only kind and extremely friendly but they are also very helpful. His office is clean and simple. I could write step by step what the whole process was but that’s to much to explain. What I know is that this is NOT a normal chiropractor, he is upper cervical… VERY different!! He is extremely educated, and answers all of your questions. Even after talking to him I still thought this makes complete sense, yet didn’t know if it would work for me! This has ruled my lfe for 3yrs! Ok, ok, I’m trying to get to my point!! There is so much I could write about Dr.Drury being a man of integrity or faith and purpose but instead I guess I will just end with this…
I have been seizure and headache free for the entire time I started going to him. This has not happened in 3yrs!! The months prior to seeing him so was having 2-4 seizures a week and everyday migraines!! IThis works, it absolutely works. It’s the hidden secret of healthcare in my opinion and more people should be trying things like this than pretty medicine over and over in your body. I highly recommend trying this for any health issues you may be having. Call his staff and talk to them, that’s the place to start!! And don’t forget to Expect Miracles!!!”

Claire M.

“Twenty years ago I was involved in a head-on collision that put me out of work for one year and five months. Even after getting out of the hospital and going back to work I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia that consisted of constant pain all over my body, severe fatigue, headaches, neck pain and sleeplessness. After going to several doctors and trying several medications that gave me NO relief I was referred to Dr. Drury. That afternoon was the turning point of my life. I felt immediate relief. Now, for the first time since November of 1993, I am totally pain free! I can’t think Dr. Drury enough for putting my life back together! I strongly urge anyone with similar problems to go see Dr. Drury.”

Virginia C.

“I first came to see Dr. Drury with Fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, pain down into my face and eye, pain down my leg into my feet and sleeplessness that had been going on for several years. After just a few short weeks I am a new person. My energy levels have gone through the roof. My pain is gone and I sleep like a baby! I am Dr. Drury’s #1 fan because he has changed my life. I tell everyone I know. Thank you so much Dr. Drury!”

Hetty P.

“I had headaches every single day of my life. After one Upper Cervical correction, my headaches went away. I sing, so I went for a voice lesson the day I got adjusted, and we started doing exercises. My voice teacher was amazed, because I’d gained an octave in my voice! She couldn’t believe it. Now my voice teacher wants to see my Upper Cervical doctor. My whole family, my parents and grandparents, are now under Upper Cervical Care.”


“I’ve had migraine headaches since I was a teenager. I’ve treated them with antidepressants, anti hypertensives, anti-seizure medications, steroid infusions, lumbar punctures, numerous CT scans, and MRI’s. Every treatment ended in disappointment. A friend recommended an Upper Cervical doctor. At the time, I was living in survival mode, so I figured I didn’t have much to lose. That was two and a half years ago, I had no idea how Upper Cervical would change my life. I will be forever grateful to Upper Cervical Care.”

Mandy F.