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Back Pain

Different Ways Chiropractors Treat Back Pain

Chiropractors treat back pain in a variety of ways. They maintain a primary focus on treating back pain with spinal manipulation. A lot of studies have been conducted that prove that a variety of chiropractic treatments are not only effective but safe. Below, we will be going over some of the different ways chiropractors can treat back pain.

How Chiropractors Can Treat Back Pain In Charlotte, NC:

1. Diversified Technique.

This is easily one of the most common spinal manipulation techniques that are used by chiropractors. This particular technique is used by over 95% of chiropractors and is known to be very effective. It also happens to be one of the most preferred techniques to use because it is generic to the point where it is easy to apply. It is characterized by it’s high velocity and low thrust. It differs from other techniques because it provides better restoration of proper movement and better alignment of the spine.

2. Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

This particular technique is an upper cervical treatment technique that utilizes a special tool to adjust the spine. It is a very effective technique.

3. Graston Technique.

This particular technique is one that is used to diagnose and treat all kinds of disorders of the skeletal muscles and related tissue surrounding the areas. This particular method utilizes stainless steel instruments to rub a patients’ muscles to effectively reduce the amount of scar tissue that has accumulated in those areas. This is a good technique that is proven to be effective for those that are dealing with scars and contusions that might be impacting spinal alignment.

4. Koren Specific Technique.

Another useful technique that is commonly used by chiropractors is the Koren technique. This particular method is applied by having the chiropractor use their hands to make all of the necessary adjustments. This kind of method is about exploring the body and the different problem areas. The idea is to figure out what is going on with the spine.

5. Gonstead Technique.

This technique is another good one that is used by a lot of chiropractors in the field. This technique is another hands-on adjustment option that also uses X-rays to detect programs and to make accurate adjustments. This method also utilizes a device that helps to identify a level of activity through the measuring of skin temperature.

Overall, there are a lot of different kinds of techniques that have been proven to be effective. The question of which technique is best is going to come down to the individual’s situation and circumstances. There are a variety of different methods and theories that a lot of chiropractors might follow, along with various techniques for chiropractic care. As a result, you will want to try to find the chiropractor that offers the most experience and see what methods they implement to make your decision with regards to which one to choose. It just depends on seeing what technique could work for you on whatever issues you are going through with your back and other underlying health concerns.

“I have been getting adjustments from Dr. Drury for over 15 years and the results are incredible. His chiropractic services have reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines. 
I’m also very active and put a lot of stress on my body. Upper cervical adjustments alleviate my back pain, speed up my recovery and helps relieve muscle tension.
I highly recommend giving Upper Cervical a try as a natural option to improve and maintain your health.”

Kevin R.

“I’ve had back pain my whole life from wrestling in high school and college. Dr. Drury’s adjustments were the only thing that gave me permanent relief. I went to numerous chiropractors, MDs, and even acupuncturists and massage therapists. If I got relief at all, it was only temporary. Dr. Drury told me since they were old injuries, healing them would probably be a process, but I was one of the rare cases that experienced an almost miraculously healing with that first adjustment. (He writes about such cases in his book, The Best Kept Secret in HealthCare.) Would I recommend Dr. Drury? You bet! Now I just go back for monthly check ups to make sure I’m holding my adjustment.”

Jay H.

“After surgery, I was having arm numbness, facial tingling, headache and dizziness. I thought I was having a stroke. They admitted me to the hospital and did every expensive test and could not find anything even though there were still symptoms—-I knew there was something wrong and every specialist on my case could not figure it out. Dr. Drury figured it out immediately and got me on the right road and no more symptoms. I still go to Dr. Drury on a regular basis and I feel amazing. I am NO LONGER on any medication because I do not need it. Dr. Drury fixed all the symptoms that I described above as well as chronic back pain. I sleep better and feel like a new person with so much energy. His office staff is amazing the atmosphere in the office is very relaxing. I would like to add that I am a nurse and practiced modern medicine my whole 20 year career…. but now I am a firm believer to heal within and don’t take any medications to put a band aid over the problem.”

Lisa H.

“So glad I found this clinic and Dr. Ray Drury. I was ready to opt for surgery on my neck. But also have low-back pain. I found Upper Cervical care in the 11th hour, and it has gotten at the root cause of all of my neck and back pain. (After years of traditional chiropractic care) I highly recommend Upper Cervical care and Dr. Drury is the best of the best!!”

Kim E.

“I first came to see Dr. Drury with Fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, pain down into my face and eye, pain down my leg into my feet and sleeplessness that had been going on for several years. After just a few short weeks I am a new person. My energy levels have gone through the roof. My pain is gone and I sleep like a baby! I am Dr. Drury’s #1 fan because he has changed my life. I tell everyone I know. Thank you so much Dr. Drury!”

Hetty P.

“I’ve had low back pain all my life. I’ve worked over 20 years as a postal worker, standing on my feet for eight- plus hours a day. A friend referred me to an Upper Cervical chiropractor, for my pain. When the doctor started X-raying my neck, I reminded him that it was my back that hurt, not my neck. He just smiled and explained again how Upper Cervical works. I felt immediate relief after my very first adjustment, and I was able to walk out of the office better than I came in. After four weeks of Upper Cervical Care, I didn’t have any back pain at all and haven’t had any since. It’s been over a year now, and I go see Dr. Baker once a month to make sure my adjustments are holding. My wife and my grandchildren and I are grateful for Upper Cervical”

Dean M.

“I’ve suffered from pain for over 20 years. I spent most of my life in the military and was an ejection seat trainer in the Navy. I’ve been in a lot of search-and-rescue missions and suffered from all kinds of fractures. My body has been injured a lot over time. I was relying on heavy-duty narcotics like Oxycontin to deal with the pain, which was 24/7. I had taken so many over-the-counter painkillers that I developed an ulcer. When I saw Upper Cervical on the Internet, I thought it sounded different. It made sense to me, so I decided to try it. Since I’ve been com- ing to Dr. Drury for Upper Cervical Care, I’ve had more days without pain than with pain, and that’s amazing for me. My insomnia is getting better; my gastro-intestinal problems are getting better. I’m very pleased and looking forward to continuing Upper Cervical Care.”

Sean D.