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Arm Pain

“Medical doctors only prescribed drugs for my pain.They told me I’d just have to learn to live with it. I was looking for an alternative and I found it in Dr. Drury. With Dr. Drury’s adjustments, the pain got less and less until it was totally gone. It didn’t happen immediately, but I stuck with the program Dr. Drury set for me, and I’m so glad I did. How many (almost 70 year old) people can say they take no medications and feel good every, single day? I credit Dr. Drury with turning my health around. And when you consider the cost of drugs or surgery, I think Dr. Drury’s services are a real bargain. I, personally, found it refreshing that I was informed, up front, what the cost of my care would be. I knew what my insurance would pay, and that helped me plan. I like this much better than getting a big bill after the treatment. I don’t like those kind of surprises.”

Pat D.

“Both my wife and I have been patients of Dr. Ray Drury and his fine staff at the Upper Cervical Spine Center on Arrowood Rd. in Charlotte for many years. I originally met Dr. Drury at a show and volunteered to have a free analysis of my upper cervical region. I had suffered for several months with what was diagnosed as a Rotator Cuff injury which severely limited my left side movement which, to me was unacceptable as it had effected my golf game. I had already decided that if it came to a situation where I could no longer tolerate the pain or the rising golf scores, I would have an operation.

After the initial diagnosis, I made an in-office appoint to have the upper cervical area and shoulder x-rayed and Dr. Drury diagnosed that I indeed had a severely strained Rotator Cuff being caused by the mis-alignment of my Upper Cervical area. I immediately began receiving non-invasive treatment from Dr. Drury and within hours of my first treatment had much better movement. I continued the treatments on a regular basis and to this day have no pain form the Rotator Cuff area. 

My wife has suffered with severe Cluster Headaches for some time and had made many trips to her Neurology Specialist for examination and more medication. I mentioned this to Dr. Drury and he asked if she would come in with me on one of my regular visits and allow him to look at it. Again, Dr. Drury diagnosed her with a mis-alignment of her Upper Cervical area and made a small adjustment. We left the office with her feeling much better and her severe Cluster headaches are much better. 

I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Ray Drury and his Clinic as it certainly diminished my need for surgery and has greatly helped my wife. I only wish it had improved my golf game as much as it relieved my shoulder pain.”

J. Wilson.

“I hate chiropractors. I don’t like being pushed, twisted, thumped, not even massages. BUT, I know when I’m hurting, they’re the best solution. My right shoulder and neck had finally gotten to the point of pain beyond Advil. As we were new in the area, my husband had just discovered Upper Cervical with Dr. Drury and suggested we go to him. My reply unenthusiastically was, “whatever.” I heard the spiel, got the quick adjustment, took the required nap and walked out of the office pain free. PAIN FREE. I was astonished and it was such an easy fix. I soon discovered that I did need to return frequently to get my system truly aligned and now go once a month. Probably could go less frequently as I often don’t need adjustment, but to me it is good preventative medicine. We’ve both been going to Dr. Drury for over three years now and neither one of us has had the obligatory cold in all that time. I call Dr. Drury My Miracle Man. But there’s more:

During my time with Drury, I suddenly got such a pain in my right leg, I could hardly walk and couldn’t step down on that foot at all. I gave it a couple of days thinking it would work itself out, but soon called Drury to get me in ASAP. At my 2 p.m. appointment, I had the adjustment, nap and….. My leg still hurt. A lot. Of course I complained but Dr. Drury assured me that by 6 p.m. it would be fine. I was not amused. Went home and got to work on my computer and later it was time to make dinner. As I walked down the hall, I suddenly realized there was no pain………… it was 6 p.m. WOW. And it never came back. There’s even more:

It’s not my miracle, but a friend of ours lost his hearing in one ear on a long flight to New Zealand 20 years ago. No amount of doctoring would heal the problem. He also started going to Dr. Drury for his normal aches and pains and one day realized he could hear—in both ears. WOW.”

Dr. Drury is My Miracle Man.

Bob and Sue Butler.

“When I was in my early fifties I noticed my arm and shoulder felt sore to the touch. It wasn’t a throbbing pain, but if I rolled over on it while sleeping, it would wake me up. Then I had trouble opening jars. A few months later, I couldn’t zip my dress in the back. I had to sup- port one hand with the other to even lift a pan. Finally, I went to the doctor. Diagnosis: rheumatoid arthritis. He prescribed Celebrex and told me a lot of people my age “got arthritis.” I didn’t want to accept that. I was already going to an Upper Cervical doctor, but not regularly. Until the arthritis, I didn’t think I needed to because I felt good most of the time. But I decided to stop taking the Celebrex and get back under regular Upper Cervical Care. Within six months, the arthritis was gone. I knew it was gone when the soreness left and I could, once again, do the yoga postures I’d done for years. I’m 65 now and still no arthritis. I do, however, go to Dr. Drury for regular upper cervical checkups. I learned that just because you feel good doesn’t mean you’re in alignment. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Pat D.

“I’d worn wrist braces for carpal tunnel; I’d even had carpal tunnel surgery, but nothing helped. I heard about Upper Cervical and said, “Why not?” although I have to admit I had my doubts about going to a chiropractor. At the time I’m giving this testimonial, I’ve been coming to Upper Cervical Health Centers for five weeks and have had two adjustments. I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel so much better. I feel my body is coming around and getting healthier.”

Patricia D.