The clash of a hammer

Pounding an anvil

Invades my head, again.


Taut with pain,

An ice bag cradling my neck,

I like in a darkened room.


Can you relate?

This is how one migraine sufferer described her pain.


Migraines Affect Your Whole Life

Less obvious, but perhaps just as debilitating, is the worry, sadness and guilt migraine headaches leave in their wake. Migraine sufferers might worry about the work they miss, because they just can’t do their job with a throbbing headache. Having to miss a special event because a migraine took control would make anyone feel sad, and migraine sufferers often feel guilty when they’re irritable with family or friends because their head is pounding with pain. (Almost 90% of sufferers say their migraines affect their relationship with their mate and their relationship with their children.)


Migraine Symptoms

A migraine is more than just a headache. It’s a recurring, throbbing pain that typically affects one side of the he Migraine Symptomsad and can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light, touch and sound, dizziness, distorted vision, and tingling or numbness in the hands or feet.


Migraine Prevalence

Migraines rank as the third most prevalent disease in the world. An estimated 38 million men, women, and children in the U.S. suffer from migraines. Every ten seconds, someone goes to the emergency room complaining of head pain, and every year, approximately 1.2 million E.R. visits are for acute migraine attacks. Healthcare costs are 70% higher for a family with a migraine sufferer.


Medical Treatment for Migraines

Triptans and DHE are drugs commonly prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms of migraines. Other treatments include NSAIDS, corticosteroids, and anti-nausea medications. All of these have side effects, and some of those side effects can be severe. 


The Cause of Migraines

Upper Cervical is a little-known form of chiropractic that helps the body heal itself, without drugs or surgery. Upper Cervical has been able to help a lot of patients with their migraines. They didn’t want the symptoms masked; they wanted their migraines gone.  

How can a little bone in your neck cause your head to hurt?  Here’s how:


Here’s an interview on Charlotte Today with Julie, a former migraine sufferer.



Help For Your Migraine Pain

When you make an appointment, talk to Cynthia, the office manager, when you come in. She had migraines so severe she couldn’t work. After Upper Cervical Care, she’s migraine-free and she now works helping people just like herself get help! (Check out Cynthia’s story at the end of Chapter 9 in Dr. Drury’s book, The Best-Kept Secret in Health Care.)


Can Upper Cervical Care help your body heal so that your migraines go away for good?  Make an appointment to find out by calling 704-588-5560 today. If you mention this blog your will receive a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs. Get started on your journey to a happier, pain-free life.


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